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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I apologize again

For all those who got spammed with 30+ emails from this account, I apologize. Again. It seems that when I went in -- with a new password -- to set up email posting so I could send things from our SSB at sea, it enabled whatever/whoever to spam post to this account. I just went in and deleted them. Again.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Facebook Update

Okay. All right. I concede. It's victory to those who pushed me to join Facebook. Even with all of the hassles, the stolen blog, the email invitations to all and sundry and my subsequent embarrassment, I now admit that I'm having fun connecting with friends I haven't heard from in years.

So, to my agent, Terry Burns, thank you. I say it publicly, you were right to spur me on to join. It's way too easy to sit back on the boat and write my stories and feel contentment because the sky is almost always blue, the sun shines ninety percent of the time, the people are friendly, and the doctors still care more about their patients than about their non-existent Mercedes. Most importantly, the Lord my God, the Almighty reigns. Always.

Sometimes, though, He wants us to slip out of our comfort zones. Joining Facebook was uncomfortable for me. Still, there I am. And I'm having fun.

Thank You, Lord, for EARPLUGS


We're surviving Carnival thanks to earplugs. With these in, a pillow over my head, the Hella fan on high, and all the hatches and windows closed, we find we can sleep through the worst of it. Though last nigh, Michael (who eschews the pillow over his head routine) woke to what he said was quality music. Too bad it was at 1 AM. He finally took his earplugs out at 1:30 so that he could listen, and then stayed up for an hour. I'm not at all sorry to have missed the program, thank you very much. 

Today, it's back to the dermatologist for a mole removal in a sensitive spot. Oh, well, this too shall pass.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Carnival in Guaymas

Today is the beginning of Carnival. As a prelude, the carnival with rides arrived just after we did. I must say, as I watched the folk going up in the needle and then dropping rapidly to base, my heart stopped. We watched them set up the things; you couldn't have paid me enough to ride on it.

The loud music is supposed to begin tonight. Ah, me. A fan as white noise? A pillow over my head? Hmmmm.... I may get a lot of work finished instead of a lot of sleep.

The picture above was taken a couple of evenings ago. That's from our deck, about 100 yards from the carnival excitement. Tuesday a cruise ship came to port, so the fine restaurants put on a shrimp festival just up the Malecon from the carnival. For 25 pesos per ticket ($1.92) I could get a plate of shrimp fixed by one of these restaurants. Michael, my non-shrimp-eating husband, bought me four tickets. I found shrimp ceviche (incredible), and three other dishes, most of which I brought back to the boat (para llevar--to go--pronounced para yeebar) for lunch and then dinner. Wonderful.

Today I went for my final flouride treatment and Michael had a cavity filled. Let's see, that was $13 for three treatments, $38.46 for each of us to have our teeth cleaned, and another $38.46 for Michael's filling. We both saw the opthalmologist on Saturday for $30.76 each. I love Mexico. The oncology specialist in La Paz last year cost $47.60 for 1.5 hours of consultation along with an ultrasound. Living on Social Security also? Join us for your medical needs. The treatment is first rate. The doctors have time to talk to you. They smile and tell jokes -- usually. And if they don't speak English, they muddle through or have someone in the office who is bilingual. Thank you, Lord, for the blessings of Mexico.

Spam Postings

I want to apologize to any of you who received spam postings from this blog. I recently signed up with Facebook on the advice of my literary agent. Somehow, they got hold of my entire email address book AND this blog. and sent invitations to everyone I'd ever written or done business with -- much to my chagrin.

I logged on here and found that I was now advertising watches. As the friend who notified me of this mess said, if they only gave us all their profit, that might work.

I'm not quite sure how to fix all of this, but I'm trying. Please be patient if it continues. Just let me know and then delete the email. I hate having to register and start all over again.

Blessings to everyone,

Monday, February 01, 2010

In Guaymas Again

Leaving Bahia San Carlos.

Kaisen, an 85', 90 ton, steel converted Army work boat owned by Hugh and Victoria, is in the foreground.

Heading to Guaymas into the rising sun.

We may regret this move to Guaymas. Granted, it lets me walk with friend Diane from Daydreamer. And we're closer to shops. And Michael can work on the dinghy while we're here -- the rubberized paint he wants to slather on that ancient PVC dinghy takes 7 days to cure, which we could not manage at anchor.

But, we forgot that Carnival is almost upon us. They are setting up roller coasters RIGHT NEXT to Sea Venture, who is on the end tie with a perfect view and perfect sound. I foresee earplugs in my future.

Oh, well. It should be an interesting experience. Mexico doesn't sleep during Carnival, which may mean we won't either. Diane said that if she and John are still here, they'll drive to the States for the duration. If only we'd set up our trip home for these days!