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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

San Evaristo Four

We arrived for our fourth visit to San Evaristo on Saturday, after spending Friday night in Caleta Pardita with about twelve other boats. As we headed out of La Paz early Friday, we experienced the drag that comes from a fouled prop, so we drifted around the bay long enough for Michael to cut the streamers off and rid it of barnacles. We also had a lovely visit from the Mexican Navy. They did a quick inspection, were courtesy itself, and happily accepted bottles of water. The gentleman who boarded took photographs of both instrument panels, checked that we had adequate fire extinguishers, and filled in his form. He also gave us the opportunity to express our opinion of the inspection. We gave him the highest honors -- and his crew for taking such care not to mar SV's topsides! He assured us that next year the inspection would not be necessary. US Coast Guard, take heed: this is the way to approach boaters. You will win accolades instead of scorn.
The motorsail from Caleta Partida to Evaristo was slower than usual. We have yet to have enough wind to raise the main, but the mizzen and genoa pulled us along with the help of the iron genny until about 20 minutes out. Then, no wind at all. We entered the anchorage to find a much different situation from April. Only one other boat lay at anchor, Willful Simplicity, a Catalina 27 owned by two delightful people who left the world of horse-training/teaching/blacksmithing for a life on the water. We spent Sunday on dinghy repair. Ah, yes, the dinghy again. Still, who can complain? With 3M 5200 and West Marine sealant, the dinghy once again will see another splash.
We left early Monday for Agua Verde. Pictures to follow.
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