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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Agua Verde again

Oh, my, how lovely this place is. We found the small southerly cove empty except for two motorboats enjoying the day. By nightfall, Sea Venture was alone. During the next few days, Michael and I scraped the boat's bottom, removing the detritus we'd picked up in La Paz. Evenings, sport fishing boats would come to park, but they left in the morning, giving us back our bay and our peace. Michael made friends with a number of very curious and very friendly porcupine fish. They would see him donning his flippers and congregate, waiting for a barnacle meal, coming so close that he could touch them. Even though their spines can be poisonous, they seem sweet little critters.

Michael takes a rest as he floats near the boat.

Climbing out. We love that swim step.

And, of course, the perfect place to make water means the perfect place to do laundry.

Sea Venture, the work boat -- keeping  cool under the awning, laundry on the foredeck.

And, finally, an Agua Verde sunset.