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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Puerto Escondido

Yesterday, we slithered up the twenty-some miles to Escondido. And I mean, slithered. What a difference a clean bottom makes when trying to cover ground by boat. I mentioned the slog out of La Paz, barely a knot over water. Michael took care of that in the bahia when he cleaned the prop. But we still had trouble getting over five knots of boat speed all the way to Agua Verde. Then, yesterday, lookee there: almost eight knots through the water. Amazing. So, that's why all the racers keep their boats out of the water between races or dive on them and clean, clean, clean. The La Paz magote just didn't invite diving, you know? Yes, we've had our typhoid shots, but still....

We should have gone sailing, but there were all those projects to finish. It seems there are always projects. Michael finished the aft cabin air conditioning system in Agua Verde -- good man -- and now he's doing some refitting of the pilothouse a/c. This morning is so cool I can't imagine needing it. But just a few days ago, my only recourse was a chilled gel pack on my skin and a big fan blowing. Good to be prepared.

We don't know how long we'll remain in Escondido. It's supposed to be a good hurricane hole. It's also just a short sail from Loreto, Isla Carmen, and, yes, Aqua Verde. We have Internet access here, which we've decided is a must for keeping in touch with folks like my agent and our family.